Espar Eberspacher AIRTRONIC D2 Diesel (12-24v)

Espar Eberspacher AIRTRONIC D2
Espar Eberspacher AIRTRONIC D2 Diesel (12-24v)


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Mounting kit and control are included.

Aertronic D2 is very convenient to install, because It is compact and has a wide range of mounting positions. However, the installation affects the most important vehicle systems (fuel and liquid). Scope of the heater

A self-contained air-heating device, taking into account its thermal power, is intended for installation on the following vehicles:

• Vehicles of all kinds (max. 9 seats) and trailers for them

• Construction vehicles

• Agreecultural machines. Agreecultural equipment

• Boats, ships and yachts (diesel heating appliances only)

• Vehicles equipped for housing

• It is allowed to install heating appliances (diesel only) on vehicles designed for the transport of dangerous goods

as per ADR regulation.

• To heat the cargo room / transported goods, the standard control unit must be replaced with a special control unit. Package Included:


Metering pump

Mounting kit with diffuser O 60 mm

Mini regulator

Fuel intake device from the tank (only as part of kit 25 2116 05 00 00) Line circuit, plus / minus

Control line circuit

Flexible exhaust pipe

Combustion air hose

Cable Mounting Tape

Metering pump holder

Handset, 6 x 2

Handset, 4 x 1.25

Hose clamp (2x)

Swivel Outlet


Air intake

Flexible pipe

Exhaust silencer

Cable harness, heater

The principle of operation of the heater AIRTRONIC D2.

When turned on, the control lamp in the control unit lights up. The glow plug pin turns on and the fan runs at low speed.

After 65 seconds, the fuel supply is started and the air-fuel mixture ignites in the combustion chamber.

60 seconds after the combination sensor (combustion sensor) detects the presence of flame, the pin glow plug is switched off. After that, the device is in normal operation.

In the heating mode, the room temperature or the temperature of the intake air is constantly measured.

If the temperature is higher than the value set on the control panel, regulation starts.

There are 4 stages of regulation, which ensures accurate adjustment of the flow of heat energy supplied by the heater in accordance with the needs. The number of fan revolutions and the amount of fuel supplied correspond to the selected control step. If the temperature rises even

at the lowest control stage, the heater switches to the “OFF” control stage with an inertial fan run-off for about 4 minutes to cool. Then the fan runs until the next start at minimum speed (recirculation mode) or turns off (fresh


When the heater is turned off, the control lamp goes out and the fuel supply is turned off.

For cooling, an inertial run-out of the fan is provided for approximately 4 minutes. To clean the combustion chamber during an inertial run-out of the fan, a pin electrode is switched on for about 40 seconds.


Special situation: If there is no fuel supply before shutdown or if the heater is

at the “OFF” stage, the heater switches to standby mode after an inertial run-out.

  • Espar Eberspacher AIRTRONIC D2 Diesel (12-24v)
  • Espar Eberspacher AIRTRONIC D2 Diesel (12-24v)
  • Espar Eberspacher AIRTRONIC D2 Diesel (12-24v)
  • Espar Eberspacher AIRTRONIC D2 Diesel (12-24v)
  • Espar Eberspacher AIRTRONIC D2 Diesel (12-24v)
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